Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday, June 14th the boys had a good day. Austin had the upper GI test today. The radiologists said that everything looked compeletly normal. It wasn't even showing reflux. Now they just have to figure out what kind of formula will allow him to nipple. There will be a feeding therapist examing him tomorrow to hopefully advise on some technique and help. He is still looking good as far as the swelling goes. His lower extremeintes are still somewhat swollen but his face looks much better. Calvin is doing well at home. Nana and Papa Fonger came to vistit tonight. They had been on vacation for the last 10 days in Price Edward Island. They were glad to see Calvin. Grammy and her golfing buddy Vicki stopped to peek at Cavlin this morning as well, while on their way to golf. (yes they are nuts for golfing in the heat.)

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