Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12th the boys had a good day. Thanks to Grammy for watching Calvin all afternoon and evening. I was able to make my first trip to Walmart in 3 months this afternoon. Then Greg and I spent the evening together at the hospital and out to dinner. Calvin loved staying with Grammy and Papa. I think he is getting a little too spoiled. The best news of the day was Austin is doing much better with the feeding. The doctor decided today not to do the upper GI and just start treating him for reflux since clinically he was showing all of the symptoms. They changed his formula to a thicker formula by adding rice. He took his whole bottle at 2:30pm and has done well on the feedings this evening. He had no bradys with his feedings today like he had been having in the last few days. They are definitely correlating those bradys to reflux, and so they aren't that concerned that he had them, but we sure hope he is done having them. He is also looking much less puffy. The diarrel seems to really be working. We just hope and pray this is the turn for him and he will be heading home soon!


  1. I'm so happy to see pictures of the boys! They are both so sweet! Glad my little Calvin is still doing so well at home! Nurse Megan (from nights) :)

  2. Fridge and Molly, those are the sweetest pics of the boys!!! You are so blessed...even tho it is hard on you both right have many days of enjoying them ahead of you!! Thanks for the daily posts and pics, I have really enjoyed following their progress and have been thinking of you all. So glad they are both doing good!!!!