Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday, July 7th the boys had a pretty good day. Austin had the cookie swallow test done and they didn't really see anything abnormal other then just an immature swallow. Therefore, they started him back on nippling this evening he took about 10ml so we are hopeful he is headed in the right direction with his feedings. They still haven't really figured out what is causing him to have the fluid retention. They are doing another urine culture tonight to check the protein in his urine. They said they don't think it is his kidneys but they want to cover all the bases, since he shouldn't be retaining fluid. Both the boys had their eye's checked today and they still look good. Austin had his checked in the NICU. Grammy and I took Calvin to his appointment in Peoria. Calvin was a very good boy, he didn't even cry during the exam. Calvin contiues to do well at home!

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