Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, July 9th the boys had a good day. Austin is starting to get some diarrhetics to try and help with his breathing. He has what the doctors call chronic lung disease, and one of the effects of this disease is the retention of fluid. Although the name sounds very serious, this is yet another one of the problems that seems to be quite normal for preemies, and one that he will grow out of. They have been watching his fluid retention for quite a while now, and after running many tests to find the cause and solution, have decided that this is the problem. They believe that the diarrhetics will not only help his breathing, but also help with his reflux problems. One of the nurses told Greg that many of the babies born at their gestation need this diarrhetic to help them through these issues. Calvin is doing well. The home health nurse came today and he weighs 4 lb 14oz!

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