Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, July 23rd was an okay day for the boys. Austin, is still having issues with the feeding. He has atleast taken all his feedings today, but is still having major gas pain. He is very uncomfortable after he eats, not sure if it is the thicker formula or reflux or what it may be. They have started him on come gas drops to see if that will help. If need me may have to try different formula to see if that is the problem. We just want to him to feel better, and be comforable with his feedings by the time he comes home. If it means staying some extra days, that is fine. The doctor advised us today they would keep him over the weekend to observe the feedings and make sure he is gaining weight. He has been losing weight the last couple days, so was of some concern to them. I just have to give it up to Austin he will come home when he is ready. Like I told Greg we have been doing it for 90 days what is a few more. Calvin is doing well, he had I spent the whole evening together. He was such a good boy!

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