Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10th was a good day for the boys. Austin is starting to get rid of some of the excess fluid, the diarel seems to be helping a little. He is still having trouble with the whole nippling issue. I was there for his 5:30pm tonight, he had a major brady on me. I was so frustrated. The nurse assured me he will get this it is just going to be on his own time. I just feel like the poor little thing has struggled so much. He has just never caught a break. I know it is hard when his brother just aced his way thru the NICU. I just need to realize that they are two different babies. Calvin is doing well. It is just bitter sweet at home without Austin. It is starting to get hard on Greg and I with one home and one still in the hospital. We went from spending 24-7 together to now about 20 minutes while one of us is coming and going. I know six months from now this will all be a memory. I am just taking it day by day. Hurry home Austin!!

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  1. Glad they know what is wrong now so they can focus on getting him better. Hang in there and please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything:)