Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 21st was another rollercoaster day for the boys. Austin, had another frustrating day! I got word this morning that he passed his hearing test and was good to go tomorrow. Greg got home this evening and we headed to the hospital. Austin did well for his 5:30pm feeding for me. Then the 8:30pm Greg fed him and it was a disaster. He wouldn't take any of the bottle, he screamed the first 15 mintues. So two different nurses tried their luck with him and he contiuned to do the same. I was about in tears. I just don't understand, I have felt the last day or two when he eats that he has a belly ache. I know they say it is reflux, I just wonder if it is more or what the deal is with his belly. Not sure if it is the thickened feeds that is doing it or what. I guess we will wait and see in the morning what that doctor suggests. I definitely don't want to get him home and have him not eating. I swear that kid is going to be a challenge. Like I have said all along, I won't believe he will be home until I am out the door with him in my arms. All along his journey in the NICU once I have felt like he is a step or two forward, he is then three steps back!!! Calvin is doing well.

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