Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 26th, they boys had a pretty good day. The doctor decided to lower Austin's pressure on the c-pap as they thought it might be adding too much air and pressure to his belly. That could be what is causing his stomach to become looped after feedings. They started back up his feedings and he has tolerated them so far. He had two bradychardia's today, which wasn't too bad. The blood culture came back negative, and the urine culture was negative as well, they were able to get the spinal tap done today so we will wait for the results. They are continuing to keep him on his antibiotc for seven days. Calvin is still doing well, they did increase the calories on his formula so we can get some more weight on him. This post is quite a bit shorter than some of the others, but I spent about 12 hours over at the hospital today and I am so tired I am about to fall asleep typing.

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  1. Molly, is there anything I can do to make things easier for you at home? Cooking, cleaning, whatever! Just say the word!