Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 23rd. Today has been another bump in the road day. Austin has had 4 or 5 apnea episodes over the past 24 hours that have been a little more severe than his previous encounters. The apnea that he has been experiencing lately has been to the extent that he has turned a little purple, and his oxygen saturation levels have dropped into the 40's whereas they have normally only dropped into the 60's. After he had a couple in one hour they made the call that they needed to do some testing. Between the fact that the severity had escalated, and the fact that they were happening on a more regular basis, they wanted to be proactive with this and try to find the cause of the problem. They started by doing an x-ray of the lungs and abdomen to see if there were any problems, which came back clear. They then did a CBC blood count and a CRP blood test. The white count in the CBC came back fine, but the CRP blood work came back elevated. The CRP test doesn't necessarily give any specific indication of anything, it is more of an indicator of inflammation in the body and signifies the possibility of infection. One CRP test though doesn't tell a whole lot, they look at these tests over a number of days and look at the trend of the number. Since the CRP came back over 2, they decided that they should start antibiotics. If the test comes back tomorrow with a number lower, they will start to rule out infection and look for another cause for the apnea, but if the number stays the same or goes higher they will have more evidence of infection. They also did a blood culture and urine test. We won't know till tomorrow or Tuesday what they find out for sure with his breathing, or the CRP test, we just hope and pray they figure out what is going on. There is a chance they will put him back on the ventilator to let his body rest. Not what we wanted to hear, but if he needs a break to get over this we will accept it. Calvin is doing well, they lowered his canula setting down to a 2 from a 3 and raised his feedings from 13ml to 15ml and he was tolerating the increase. Another rollercoaster ride!!

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  1. Hi Molly, Caryn sent me to your blog as she knows I had my boys at 26 weeks (in November.) I'm so glad that you started a blog so I could cheer for Austin and Calvin.. we were in the NICU for 119 days, and it was the longest, most hectic roller coaster ride I've ever been on. Both of my boys had level four bleeds, my one son was level four on both sides. We lost Parker four days after birth, but Hunter is home with us and doing wonderfully!

    Keep your chin up.. the bad days are the worst days of your life, but things get better, I promise. Your boys are in my thoughts and prayers!!