Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday, May 21st started off rocky, but ended up being a good day for the boys. The phone rang at 6am this morning from St. Francis, of course I grabbed the phone in two seconds. It was the nurse practioner wanting to let us know that Austin's belly was a little hard and looped so they had decided to stop his feeding at 2am, 5:30am and 8am. They would do another x-ray and check it at 10. It is nice they call with any info it just startles you when the phone rings. I went over to hospital around noon with Grammy and was able to go to rounds for both boys. While in rounds, the doctor told me she had done an exam on Austin. His stomach was much softer and he had good bowel sounds so they were going to resume his feeding. She also said that Calvin's head ultra sound came back, and the bleed hasn't gotten any larger. She said it was still a 1 or 2 which is on the way to correcting itself so they will check it in two weeks to make sure. I was VERY happy to hear that. She explained it like when you get a bruise on your arm, then it starts to change color then fade away. So lets hope it continues to do so. I went back to hospital tonight with Greg and both boys were doing well, still on their breathing with the lowering of the machines yesterday. So lets hope they keep it up!

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