Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 19th the boys are continuing to have a good day. We had a short stay this evening. We got new washer and dryer today so had to come home and get it installed. Austin is still on C-pap and Calvin Canula. Austin did have two bradychardias today around feeding time. They are thinking he might have reflux, so they started putting his feedings on a pump and giving it to him over an hour instead of all at once. We did see the dr while we were there, she said they were still doing well. At two days of age they had a screening done that checks for 60 or more different problems that some babies have, all babies in Illlinois are required to have this screening. The test then showed some abnormalities in Austin's thyroid levels, so he was set to be re-checked this week. He has had two follow-up checks done the past two days that have come back negative, so he is going to be cleared. Calvin's initial test came back clear, but since he and Austin are twins, they decided to re-check him as well, and those tests will be done tomorrow. The doctor asked us tonight if the boys were identical, and we replied that we don't know. There are some disparities in the explanations from different OB/GYN doctors as to whether or not they could be identical, so the doctor said the easy way to check would be to check their blood types and if they are different blood types they couldn't be identical. They both have the same blood type though, so we still don't know. We were able to change diapers and take their temperature while we were there. I dont like short nights over there. I will be glad to be going over more during the day now.

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  1. Finally got a chance to read your blog! Never in my life could I imagine what you & Greg & your family are going thru! I prayer for you all every day! Thanks for the blog so we can all keep up with what is going on with the little guys! If you ever need anything Molly please let us know!
    Scott & Cheryl Williams