Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, May 18th. The boys continued their run of better days today. Calvin is still on the canula and Austin on the C-pap. Neither one of the boys had any brady's today, which made us quite happy, but they still have a knack for showing off when we get there by showing us how they can make the monitors go off! The nurse informed us that they had been quiet all day and that it had been kind of boring, needless to say they decided that since we were there they would show us how good they are at desaturating their oxygen levels so that the monitors start beeping. I had my follow-up appointment today with the doctor that delivered the boys, so since we had to be in Peoria late in the afternoon we just decided to make our daily trip to to see the boys early. During my doctor visit I was told that I am healing quite well, and most importantly, I can drive again! I will be glad to not have to depend on someone for a ride anytime I want to leave the house. We were able to stay from 3-7 which we found is a much quieter time in the NICU than 6-10 at night. Greg told me today we had to leave by 7, since he has a final coming up in one course and a paper due in the other. The boys are off their TPN now, but I can't seem to remember what that stands for except that the "N" stands for nutrients. Basically, the TPN is the IV that gives them all of the nutrients they need, but now that they have been able to stay on their feeding schedule they are receiving enough nutrients from the milk and formula that they don't need any additional nutrients from the IV. Even though they are receiving enough nutrients from the milk, they still need some additional fluid through the IV so that they can stay hydrated. Now if mom's milk will just come in all the way we would be able to cut out the formula and give them straight milk. I am going to bed early tonight. Need some much needed rest!

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  1. So glad your free to go now, I love reading this and keeping up on them. I had a great nephew up there, they are all so great up there. You and your families are all in my thoughts and prayers, it's hard on all of you. You fall in love with them sooooo quickly, Thanks for taking the time to do this and keeping us updated on their progress.