Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 27th. The boys had a good day. Calvin weighs over 2 lbs...yeah! Calvin is doing well, continuing on his breathing at a flow of 1 liter on the canula. He is continuing to tolerate his feedings as well. Austin kept his string of good days going as well. It certainly seems that the antibiotics that they started on Sunday did the trick to get him moving forward again. The nurses once again did a great job of being proactive with recognizing a problem and working through finding a resolution to the problem. He only had one bradycardia, (and after only two weeks we finally figured out how to spell that word correctly) and was tolerating his breathing with only 20 breaths on the c-pap. His spinal tap is still negative, so that is good! I was able to kangaroo with Austin today for 2 to 3 hours. That was great. It had been awhile since he was stable enough to allow me to kangaroo, but he did well the whole time. Now we need them both to just continue gaining weight!!

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  1. Good News all around!!!! Praying for things to stay on course and for them to gain weight so they can soon be home keeping you up at all hours of the night!!!