Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 20th. The boys had a pretty good day. They were behaving well enough that the dr lowered the settings on their breathing machines. Calvin is down to only 3 liters of flow on his canula from 4. Austin was bumped down to 20 breaths per minute instead of 30 on the C-pap. So we will contiue to hope they do well. Papa McMahon came to visit this evening, and Calvin was showing off. Of course as soon as he got there Calvin was wide awake bright eyed staring at him the whole time. The nurses noted that Calvin already knows who he needs to butter up. Of course, Papa McMahon was glad to see that. I was actually able to get a good picutre of Calvin while he was so awake. I was going to put it on the blog, but then thought I can't put it on without a good picture of Austin. He is still on the c-pap so it is so hard for me to get a picture of him with the mask around his head and face. Calvin had his follow up head ultra sound today, so we will hope and pray for a good outcome.

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