Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 24th has been another rollercoaster day. When we called first thing this morning to check on the boys we found out that Austin had a better night as far as the apnea episodes are concerned, and his culture for the blood yesterday came back negative, but his CRP level came back elevated more from yesterday. This morning in rounds they decided to do a spinal tap to check for infection in the spinal fluid, and to check his crp level again later in the day. At the 2:30pm feeding his stomach was bloated so they did an x-ray and it looked fine but they decided to hold off on the afternoon feeding and check it again before his scheduled feeding at 5:30. They did recheck his crp late afternoon and it had come down to a little over 3 from it's high of well over 4. At the 5:30pm feeding his stomach was looking okay, so they gave him half of the normal feeding and he digested it. His apnea improved today so the doctors were thinking the antibiotic they started yesterday was working. Then this evening Austin's stomach was bloated and looped again at the 8pm feeding so they did another x-ray. It came back okay, other then air in the belly so they are going to stop his feedings till tomorrow then re-evaulate. It has been one long day for poor Austin, but he seemed to us to look like he was more comfortable today than he was yesterday. Hopefully they can figure out the source of his stomach and breathing problems soon so that he can get back on the path to improvement. Calvin is doing well still, he is tolerating his feedings and has had no bradychardia's today.

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