Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 16th was not that great of a day for the boys. When I woke up this morning and called to check on them the nurse told me that the nurse practioner was just getting ready to call me. Austin had a couple pretty severe apena episodes, was not digesting his food, his belly was hard and distended and they had just done an x-ray. They were watching him for NEC again, they did a septic work up on him again and started him on antibiotics. I thought here we go again!! They have stopped feeding him, and are checking his belly every six hours to make sure it doesn't get any worse. It seems this can be common with premature babies, they stop and start eating, and have intestinal issues. They have also been concerned because his scrotum has been swollen, so they called in a urologist to examine him. He did notice that there is some extra fluid in that area, so he performed an ultrasound but didn't find anything to be concerned about. It is nice to know that isn't the problem, but it doesn't change the fact that we once again don't know exactly what the problem is. We just wait now to see if his bloodwork shows any sign of infection. I don't know if he will ever eat!!! Calvin, is still doing well with his breathing and feedings. I think he did better than me today. After getting that call this morning, heading to the hospital right away, then to a follow up dr. appt for myself at 2pm where I spent an hour and a half in the waiting room, then calling to check on them on my way home to find out Austin had yet another apnea episode, to walking in the door to find Auggie throwing up on the floor. Poor Greg...when he got home I just lost it. Anyways, we decided that I would drop him off at the hospital this evening and I would go run some errands and take sometime for myself. I think that was a good idea. I pretty much regrouped and went back to hospital and have a much better outlook. Sorry for such a long post!!!


  1. Molly what a tough road this has been. I know the ups and downs are "normal" but it still doesn't make it easy. Hang in there girl there are "easy" days ahead!! You are much stronger than I would be!

  2. Oh Molly, you poor thing! I am sure this isn't easy for you, but getting yourself and kids through this will be so worth everything in the end. They will be home soon I am sure of it. We are thinking of you, Greg and your little babes!

    Michelle and James Bateman