Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 20th the boys had a good day. Austin is continuing to do well on the priming. They are giving him his feedings over a continous pump of 1ml and hour. They will increase it to 2ml tomorrow until he gets up to full feeds. They lowered him to no rate on the c-pap, hopefully he will tolerate that change. They did attempt to get a pic line today and were unsuccesful. Hopefully they can get it tomorrow and his iv stays in until then. Calvin is doing well, I told Greg he needed to feed him this evening since it was father's day. He nippled his whole feeding for Greg tonight at 5:30pm. Calvin is just learning how to take a bottle, and he starts out kind of slow at first, just kind of chewing on the nipple instead of drinking from it, but eventually he gets going. Greg was getting frustrated with him at first when he wouldn't eat, then again after he took the whole bottle but wouldn't burp. He looked at me and said "this just isn't my gig, I'm fine with not doing this again until he knows how to eat". I told him that they have to learn all of this and he better learn too! Greg said "you can teach them, then by the time they get home they will know how to eat and I can help out." He then turned Calvin to where they were face to face about six inches apart and said "why don't you just burp already?" Apparently he thinks that Calvin should be able to burp on command like he does. It should be interesting for all of us once we get them home!!

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