Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 22nd was a good day for the boys. Austin still continues to tolerate the canula. He is up to 3.5ml an hour on his continous feedings, he seems to be tolerating those as well. He is a little swollen still in his lower extremities and in his face. Therefore they are giving him a two day dose of lasiks (sp?) that will help him to urinate more in order to get rid of the excess fluid. We hope he continues to head in the right direction. Calvin is still in 1/4 of a liter of oxygen. We hope he will start weaning down off of that soon. Calvin continues to do well on his nippling, and the nurse tonight told us that he will go up to taking feedings by bottle 6 times per day tomorrow. Grammy came to visit this evening while we were in Morton meeting our pediatrician. She started Calvin's 5:30pm feeding at 5:40pm and when I arrived at 5:55 he had only taken 5ml of his 25ml. She didn't realize that he is supposed to only have a 20 minute limit on his feedings, and didn't realize that she would need to keep him interested. I took over and he took 17in the last 10 minutes. I told Grammy she is going to have to practice and not just let him play around. We will need her help! Greg and I met with Dr. David Cross at OSF in Morton, and had a nice 45 minute chat with him. He was very informative, and made us feel pretty good about the progress that the boys have made thus far. We loved him, and felt he was a perfect fit for us! During his three year residency to become a pediatrician he actually spent three months working in the NICU in Peoria, which made us feel very comfortable with taking the boys to him when they come home.

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