Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday, June 3rd was another rollercoaster day for the boys. I called this morning to check on them, and was informed that Austin had blood in his last stool. They were concerened about NEC again. He had an abdonminal x-ray and blood work right away. The x-ray was normal at noon, then again at six o'clock this evening but they are continuing to do the x-rays every six hours. The surgeons were consulted again to keep an eye on him as well. His platelet count was low again today, so they had to give him platelets which they felt was a sign that maybe he still has a little infection going on. The plan is to continue him on the antibiotics and continue to hold off on his feedings. He was doing well today on the breathing and was able to be taken off the ventilator and put back on the c-pap machine which made us happy. Let's just hope he can stay on the c-pap and we can get the whole belly thing figured out. Calvin had a good day, he was lowered to 1 liter of flow on his canula. We also hope he is able to stay on the 1 liter of flow. Calvin had his follow up head ultra sound for the brain bleed today as well. The bleed is a grade 1 and is starting to evolve so they were glad to see that and won't check it again until closer to when we leave and they check Austin's again. That made us happy!


  1. I remember going thru days like this with Kayla. They are good there at NICU. Know that there are many who keep tab on you and the boys with this blog and prayers as well.


  2. So happy to hear the brain bleed is getting better and they don't think Austin has NEC:) Good news...and I'm glad to hear you went out for pizza. You need to do that!!!