Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday, June 19th was an okay day for the boys. Austin has been having a rough time with holding an iv. They gave him three different ones today that kept coming out. His poor little veins, it just breaks my heart! They hope to give him a pic line tomorrow so that he can receive his antibiotics. He has had a pic line inserted a couple of times already, but when he doesn't need them anymore they take them out. A pic line is a small catheter that is inserted into his vein and advanced through the vein until the end almost reaches the heart. This type of IV is one that can be used for longer periods of time and it runs a lower risk of infection. He seems to be tolerating the priming okay with the new formula and is doing well on the breathing. He is down to a rate of 5 on the c-pap. Calvin is doing fine. He has continued to nipple well and is getting 4 of his 8 feedings a day by nipple. He has gone up a little on is oxygen flow to a 1/4 of a liter. We had a good day at home today, finally starting on the nursery. Aunt Judy is coming to paint on Monday so we got the whole room/closet all organized. I think we carried out like 6 bags worth of stuff for goodwill. Papa Fonger and Nana came to visit, and took us out to dinner. We are spoiled!!

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