Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, June 14th was a pretty good day for the boys. Calvin is doing well, and nippled his entire feeding today at noon. We were so proud of him. He did over half of his feeding this evening for Greg, so we are hopeful that he is getting the hang of it and will continue to do well. They did go up from 19ml to 21ml today on his feedings. Austin is still on the c-pap. He had no brady's all day until tonight 5 minutes before we left to come home. I swear he knows just how to get me all anxious and paranoid. I was actually somewhat relaxed this evening since he was doing so well. The nurses seem to think he is going to be the one that challenges us in life. He gets so feisty if the nurses mess with him. They say if anyone is making noise at the isolette next to him he starts getting agitated. They have to put blankets all around his isolette to block what he can see because he is so sensitive to his environment. It will be interesting to see how their personalities turn out as they grow. Calvin is so quiet calm and just sleeps. Austin is always causing trouble!!


  1. I can't wait to see what these two boys have in store for you. I think Austin is going to keep you on your toes!!!!!

  2. Too funny...that sounds like Cole and Cam. They had to cover Cole's incubator and I couldn't talk to him a few days when he was really sick because he got so excited:)