Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, June 24th was a good day for the boys. Calvin has continued to do well on his nippling and is still in his 1/4 liter of oxygen. He is still in his open crib. Austin is weighing over 3 lbs! Yeah! He is continuing to tolerate his feedings, and is doing well on his breathing. They are up to 7 ml per hour on his continuous feeds. Tomorrow he will get to the equivalent of full feeding when he gets to 8 ml per hour since his full feeds would be 24 ml every three hours. Once he gets to full feeds on continuous flow and shows that he can tolerate it for a couple of days they will have to start making the timing shorter. The nurse said they will have to get him to the point that he can take the full feeding over an hour rather than over three hours, and then get to where he can take them all at once, and then on to nippling. It sounds like a long process, but I am sure they will push him to make the changes fairly quickly. We ran into the nurse practioner on our way in this evening and she mentioned trying to wean him down a little on the canula tomorrow so we will see. She also told us that they have ordered the CPR and monitoring training for us. We were happy to hear that, that means the boys will be coming home in the near future! As I'm sure you can tell by their progress, we are assuming that Calvin will come home first, but hopefully Austin won't be too far behind him. Carrie came to visit the boys for the first time this evening. She was glad to see them!

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